QuadCopter was the first robot that I made. Working with these robots is fun but it’s not the only reason you should learn making them. They have the future. I believe that one day we use them in the place of cars, postmen, cameramen and many other jobs. They already help human at many things like finding people at disasters or drawing plans. Some countries for example china has made drone taxi. Although we can’t see any quadcopter taxi in the sky right now but one day they become as popular as the cars. These robots also will be used in battlefields, hopefully on the good side!

Although It is really fun to make these robots, the price is really high, but still I choose Quad Rotor for my working field. You can see my robot in the picture below. you can also find one of my certificates here.<img src="DSC_1574.jpg" alt="quadcopter of ui-ai team ">

As you may have noticed automation is one of the most popular subjects lately. Quad rotor automation is also one of the most challenging fields. I started image processing about five years ago to make an intelligent robot which can go inside a house and draw its map. I learned many things on this way and I am really excited to learn more everyday!