I am Farbod Peymanzadeh, an engineer who wants to share his experiences with you. I got my Bachelor’s degree of Mechanical Engineering from University of Isfahan, Iran. After that I studied for my Master degree of Mechatronics at Khaje Nasir University of Technology, Iran. In my university years, I started a robotic team. Together with my team mates we learned so much and participated at some competitions. My favorite field at robotics is QuadRotors Automation which I have done some university projects about.

Working on my robot helped me learn many other things like image processing and programming with different languages. These abilities and experiences helped me work on many projects with many companies. Now after years of working on robots, teaching robotics, completing projects, writing programs, making softwares and establishing my own company I decided to share my experiences with you. I hope my experiences help someone around the world.

Farbod PM