Pip helps you to install Python libraries. Newest version of python install Pip it’s self but if you lost it try to get the installation file and install Pip.


Open terminal on Ubuntu or CMD in windows. and write this command:

>> pip install <desired package name>


>>python -m pip install <desired package name>

>>python3 -m pip install <desired package name>

The result will be like this if its successful.

Successful installation

Also you can use pip3 install if you want to install a package to your version 3 python.

Remember that if you’re using anaconda you have to go to the conda shell first. Then run the pip command.

>> conda activate <conda_evnvironment >

Some other ways

Sometimes python libraries can not be installed using pip. you have to search it on internet but some of them are like this.

installing pytorch in anaconda

>>conda install -c pytorch pytorch