To have understand Canny filter, I have applied Canny filter on Kim Kardashian picture. As I mentioned previously about Canny filter, It’s an edge detector filter. if you have some problem in understanding this filter don’t worry. We will understand it completely here.

First, check this picture. It’s a full color picture of Kim Kardashian. What do you think if we apply canny filter with first threshold 50 and second threshold 100?! Let’s see the result.

Kim kardashian before applying canny filter

As you may have noticed the lines located where there is a observable change in color differences. Eyebrows, lips and eyelashes, and bottom of hairs are full of lines. But ‌blouse lines and face has obvious lines with low noise. because of blurred background no edges detected there. So one important problem about canny filter is never apply it on blurred pictures because nothing goes well this way.

Now let’s check first and second threshold results. move the scrolbars.

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